Thursday, November 01, 2012

Strathmere photos 11/1

We tried heading back to Strathmere again, 8AM this morning, via Ocean City's 34th street Bridge. No traffic, we got right through. From 34th street onto West the road was clear all the way down to our bridge. Cones and a cement blockade are in front of the damaged roadway right before the bridge.

There is a lot of debris in people's yards. Pieces of wood, railings, yard furniture, planters, decorations, trashcans, reeds etc. All of those wooden trashcan holders from the beaches and from peoples yards were moved all over town by flood waters. Two of our picnic table benches were gone, but we found them in a neighbor's yard down the road.

The water is all gone except for some puddling on a few corners on Bayview. The tide was looking pretty high when we were there.
Township trucks were scooping up debris from streets with a bulldozer. There is a huge dumpster on Vincent by the water tower for residents to dump debris and water damaged items. 3 more are supposed to be delivered soon.

Our house is up about 4 feet above ground level, so thankfully we didn't get any water in our house, there is about 1 foot of water left under the house - which is lower than ground level.
Many low houses ended up with water inside and there will be massive indoor clean-up for people.

The road was blocked going south to Whale Beach. A police officer was there and it looked like they were only allowing Whale Beach homeowners in. The road is still closed coming from Sea Isle City.

We didn't stay very long and we only did a quick drive around town, but I took a few pictures. During the  ride I didn't see any major damage to houses. Nothing collapsed or washed away, no roofs blown off.The docks seem to be the most damaged structures in town. Strathmere was really very lucky with this storm.
We headed home just before 11:AM and there still wasn't any traffic, cars were coming right through.

Coming over the bridge, checking out the torn up docks at the Deauville. They announced this morning that they will be closed during their clean-up.

The path to the point. It looks like half of it washed out, but this was a very high tide. Considering a storm that barely hit us wiped out the entire Point a few years ago, we were very lucky this time. 

Looking west towards the bay from the Point entrance.

Looking towards Ocean City.

Looking east towards the ocean

From the Point beach path, looking south at the gate - this is how high the flood waters came up from the street. The the township trash can holder in the middle of the path, also washed up there by flooding.
That's the kind of reeds and junk debris that you'll find in your yards.

Seacliff beach looking north.  It looks like sand actually blew in to the dunes.

Looking south from Seacliff beach

Some shallow water still in Bayview.

Clean-up begins. This is what a lot of homeowners will have to deal with.

Mildred's is still standing! So many rumors during this storm, one was that Mildred's was destroyed. Not true, still standing strong, there is much water damage inside.

The trailer park. All trailers where long gone and work had already begun on clearing the next section for the new concrete pads. That big pile to the left is the chunks of concrete that had already been jack-hammered up. So no damage here. The new pads held up fine, and so did the stones surrounding them. The black things are big plastic tanks, which had been tied down very securely prior to the storm.

This is the damaged area of road just north of our bridge on the other side of the curve in the road - be very careful traveling north. This is the north bound lane along the water. It looks like the bay washed out dirth from under the road, making it collapse for sevral feet.

More damaged road, looking back at the cones and the concrete barrier.


Anonymous said...

Is entry only during day or can we get in at night? Conflicting reports.

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I've heard different things too. No stopping time for going into OC, but last night there was a curfew for driving in OC.

I believe you can enter but must show home ownership proof and go straight to your home during the 7PM to 6AM curfew.
No info on Upper Township website about restrictions, here is OC's info -

Lucy said...

Thanks for the update - glad to hear Strathmere dodged a bullet in some ways.

Kami said...

Carol, thank you so much for the photos and updates!

Anonymous said...

These are great photos...thanks