Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Demo photos of the Spanish house

Ken Weaver sent us some photos of the Spanish style house and the green house across the street being demolished. Click images for larger views.


Neil Hastings said...

Although progress is necessary and the new houses being built are very nice, if somewhat pretentious, it is sad to see the old Strathmere gradually disappearing. I hope the essence of Strathmere can remain in some form or other.

Judy Kalley (Fehr - Reames) said...

I am amazed at watching these pictures. The spanish house was an icon in the area and I actually really liked it! The green house that came down was an identical one to what my family used to own on Seacliff! There used to be 3 that started out the same house but the other 2 were remodeled a bit more than our family's. I feel like we are losing a real part of history and caracter.