Thursday, June 01, 2006

Corson Inlet Bridge - Important notice - We need your help!

Important notice from the Strathmere Improvement Association

Dear Property Owner,
We need your help. Over the past years we have all been aware of the deterioration of the Corson Inlet Bridge. Some years ago we were told that new railings could not be put in place as the bridge would not hold their weight. This past year, the weight for vehicles on the bridge was 15 tons. It then went down to 9 tons. In the past week the bridge capacity was lowered to 3 tons. The Cape May County Bridge Commission has stated that they almost closed the bridge and still might after they do more examinations. We understand that there are nine spans involved, that the commission has known about it for 10 years and has done nothing.

As it stands now, no fire trucks, ambulances, large SUV's or any truck over 3 tons can go over the bridge, which negates mutual aid agreements with the Ocean City Fire Department and the Marmora Fire Company, to have them act as first responders in the case of any house fire.

During most storms, even the mildest, the road to Sea Isle from 23rd Street and south can be flooded and impassable. Thus, we in Strathmere can be stranded without any emergency assistance either for fire or ambulance. The SVFC has, through their attorney, written what can only be called a stinging letter to the CMC Bridge Commission and is holding them liable should anything happen in Strathmere due to their negligence.

We need all of you to either email or write (if you don't have email) the Township of Upper about the precarious condition that the Cape May County Bridge Commission has put us in. The reason for using Upper Township is that we need them firmly behind us during this potentially precarious summer season.

Please send email to:

Or write to:
Mayor Richard Palombo
2100 Tuckahoe Road
Petersburg NJ 08250

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