Thursday, June 22, 2006

Strathmere 1980s Reunion

When: August 5, 2006 - 8:30pm - ?
Where: Twisties
Who: Strathmere Foggies

The folks who grew up near the Point in the 1980’s would like to hold a FIRST TIME EVER in the history of Strathmere Reunion! Did you grow up in Strathmere in the 1980’s? Would you like to party like it’s 1984 again? EVERYBODY WELCOMED to come!
Please email Pammy at with your plans!

And we would love to see:

Sue Adams
Timmy, Bucky, Wendy, Chrisy Buckland
Jacque Clements
Tim Copper
Karen, Jeff, Phillip Eggleston
Brian and Collen Ford
Michael Green
Debbie, Keven H. (Eggleston Cousins)
Beth Heidre
Pam, Lori, Kenny and Jimmy
Patrick and Julie O’Brien
Geoff, Jon and and Andy O’Brien
Trish (Eggleston’s next door neighbor)
Susie, Mik, Linda, and Andrew Ojami
Lisa Moock and Sisters
Beth Roland and Sister and Friends
Jill and Joy Steeland
David & Eric Scott

Please send responses to Pammy at -

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