Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beach photos 9/20

The end of Commonwealth, where the crane is currently working to install the metal bulkhead

Seaview - looking at the corner of Neptune. The beach entrance is fenced off and built up with fresh sand.

Peeking over the wall at Neptune/Seaview, looking north

The beach at Winthrop, looking south

Looking north from Winthrop beach

The dunes at Winthrop

The dunes between Winthrop and Seacliff

The steps at Seacliff are closed from the street, because the steps are about 4 feet above the sand on the ocean side.

The old bulkhead is now exposed at the end of Seaview

The water is now several feet deep around these pilings, which used to be buried under several feet of sand.

This is the point, from the beach looking towards the bay. A great deal of it is gone, and over half of it is under water. Yeah, that's the point. There used to be sand all where that water is.

The metal bulkheads at the large home on Seaview. The water is coming right up to the metal. This is the side facing the point/Ocean City.

The big house, with the big metal bulkhead and the waves coming right up to it. The homeowner installed the original bulkhead when the house was built. Imagine if the two older houses that were originally on that property were still there. Actually, they probably wouldn't still be there - the ocean would have come right up into those properties by now.

More of the new metal bulkhead going across the property lines of the homes on the point beachfront.

It's really sad to walk out there and see how much of the point has washed away, and how dangerously close the ocean is coming to the homes there.

The back part of the point, along the bay, is still there. But it is being washed away from the ocean coming in at it from the front.

On a happier note, the beaches from Williams on down are really nice and big.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics Carol. It's a very sad time for those who remember when you had to take food and water to walk around the point.

That metal bulkhead at the end of Commonwealth certainly is a lovely addition to the landscape, lol.

Tom Rodgers and Family