Saturday, September 27, 2008

Storm Photos 9/25/08

Here are some recent storm photos, sent to us by Ozzie. They are from Whale Beach looking south, and from Vincent looking out to the ocean.

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Anonymous said...

It is really a shame what is happening at the point. At this point there is not much left, the water at low tide is right up to what is left of the dune and is up against the bulk head at low tide as one makes their way toward the ocean front. As unfortunate as this turn of events is with all the storms and erosion, the reaction by the locals who live here and Upper Township is likely to make matters worse. It is even more of a shame that we have not learned our lessons from places like Townsend's Inlet, where there once was a each and point. The placing of a bulk head is accelerating the erosion because it leaves no place for the energy of waves to dissipate, except in the down and out direction. This bulk head will force the use of rip rap, debris and rocks in front of it to prevent this action of the waves. In the end, the walk to the inlet which is a big part as to way many of us go the Strathmere will forever more be a part of the past. Once rocks are placed, erosions will continue to cut the sand until there is deep enough water to dissipate the energy. Again, look at Townsend's Inlet or Longport and you will see this is the direction the actions of the locals and the Gov't are heading in...we can all kiss our beloved point goodbye!!!