Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach photos 7/13, 2009

Here is some of the dredging equipment fenced off on the beach at Winthrop. It just takes up a section of the beach and you can get around it and get to the water. I believe that they will start pumping sand on the southern beaches first. The Strathmere Live Cam is set up to show the work when it starts down there at Sherman.

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Off the coast of Seaview, Seacliff and Wintrhop is some equipment out in the water too -

One side of the Point is very slowly starting to rebuild itself. The beaches from Winthrop down have really gotten alot bigger on their own (all the sand that the township trucked in to the Point last year is washing up on those beaches) and the beaches at Seaview and Seacliff - which were totally washed out during the Winter, are starting to rebuild on their own a little too. A few months ago you couldn't get around the pilings to walk on the Point because the water there was too deep, and there was nothing to walk at he Point on anyway. Now at low tide you are able to walk out there.

Standing at the end of the Point, looking back at the houses. But remember that this is LOW tide, at high tide there is water more than halfway up here.

Unfortunately, the Point on the Bayside is continuing to erode. There was still some beach there when the boulders were first put it last year, but now the water is right up to the rocks on that side, even at low tide.

The beach is really eroding in front of the last few houses here, because the township didn't continue the boulders all the way across the front of the Point. There used to be a high dune with lots of shrubbery here last year, now all washed away.

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