Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An explanation of the 'Strathmere Moat'

From the Strathmere Improvement Associations - "Finally, here is a response to several questions generated after our e-mail message on the beach replenishment. Several of you asked why there has been a "moat" left at the end of Seaview, instead of covering the rocks with sand."

"The on-site project manager for the State of New Jersey informed us that when the State granted an emergency permit to Upper Township to place the rocks to save Seaview last October, it told them they could do it without a permit from the Army Engineers but would have to follow up with a permit. Apparently, Upper never did. Consequently the contractor cannot build the new sand onto those rocks. Upper is belatedly applying to the Corps of Engineers for a permit for the rocks so the sand can go up there. Hopefully enough sand has been left for this purpose.

Note that the contractor has covered the rocks on the State Park portion of the project..."

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