Wednesday, December 02, 2009

From the SIA - Storm Tonight; Please donate to the Food Pantry; Christmas Party Attendees?; Twisties; Lost & Found; No More Moat

In this issue: Storm Tonight; Please donate to the Food Pantry; Christmas Party Attendees?; Twisties; Lost & Found; No More Moat


We are expecting twelve hours or more of stormy weather in Strathmere. The center of this storm will remain well inland, and is not a nor'easter so it is not expected to produce a buildup of water in the Bay. The storm will, however, produce strong onshore (SSE) winds and heavy rain. Winds will gust in excess of 40 mph. A gale warning has been posted until 1:00 pm tomorrow (Thursday). A high surf and coastal flood advisory is in effect for tomorrow morning's high tide around 8:00 am, when we can expect strong surf and beach erosion.
Although buildup in the bay is not expected, the full moon was this morning, so if we have heavy rain at tomorrow morning's high tide, rainwater may not be able to drain and we'll have (freshwater) street flooding. Be careful with your cars.


As you are aware, the Holiday Season this year will be especially tough for many who have been adversely affected by the economy.
The Strathmere Fishing and Environmental Club (SFEC) is having a food drive this Saturday, with donations going to the Community Food Pantry at the Church of the Resurrection in Marmora. If you can donate, please bring non-perishable food items or make a cash donation (make checks out to SFEC - notation: Food Pantry) to the firehouse on Dec. 5th between 2pm and 4pm. Some donation suggestions are: cereal, juice, coffee, pancake mix, syrup, catsup, mustard, mayonaisse, canned fruit, tuna, canned meat, paper towels, dish detergent, personal hygiene items, bar soap or deodorant (all non-perishable items are welcome). Any questions or for local donation pick-up, call Randy Roash at 609-970-2362. When you shop for the weekend, please fill a bag for those more needy! Thanks.


Work continues on Twisties. The house and driveway are both out at Bayview, with the roof of the house removed for the second floor renovation.

As noted previously, the Strathmere Christmas Party, sponsored by the Volunteer Fire Company and the SIA, will be held at 6 pm on Saturday, December 12.

We really need to hear from you on the name, age and gender of any child (13 or under) who will be attending, so we can help Santa prepare! You can respond to this e-mail


Lost & Found Update - While we were not able to locate the kayak that went missing in a previous storm, we do have a "found" kayak pictured below.

Alas, no one has yet reported finding the two "smart vents" below. If you can help us with either the kayak or the vents, please respond to this e-mail. Thanks much.

Also, the "moat" at Seaview and Neptune has finally been filled in. Hooray!

Thanks again for your continuing support!

The Strathmere Improvement Association -

Butch Vandegrift - President
Ken Weaver - Vice-President
Donna Diefenderfer - Treasurer
Debbie Vandegrift - Secretary

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