Friday, December 18, 2009

Newsletter From the SIA - Winter Storm Warning for Saturday; Dune Fencing; AC Electric Project; Twisties; the "Ramp"; Say "Hello"

By now most of you have no doubt heard of the approaching winter storm. We are expecting snow early Saturday morning, perhaps changing to rain at mid-day and back to snow in the evening. "Minor" tidal flooding and moderate beach erosion is anticipated. Attached is a presentation from Thursday morning by the National Weather Service in Mount Holly.

There has been much activity in Strathmere this week! The New Jersey DEP and the Township have jointly hired Ecological Restoration and Management, Inc, to provide fencing and plant dune grass at the northern end of the island.
This picture was taken yesterday (Wednesday) and since then the fencing has been completed.

They plan to plant American Dune Grass between the two rows of fencing all the way around. Below is dune grass that was just planted south of Seacliff.

Meanwhile, contractors for Atlantic City Electric have been installing new aluminum lines on Commonwealth, replacing the copper lines feeding north from Sea Isle. The aluminum should be more resistant to corrosion and hopefully will reduce the number of outages.


Work continues on Twisties. Most of the second floor has been framed out and they are driving a steel bulkhead.


Contrary to rumors circulating in town, the "Ramp" at the north end of Commonwealth Avenue is not being constructed for (the late) Evil Knievel to take part in the 2010 Beach Replenishment and Dredge-Jumping competition! The Township tells us the ramp is an emergency access to the State Park. When the State completes its work, the Township will then install a gate and place landscaping along the new path. Since the picture below was taken (on Wednesday), a split-rail fence has been constructed. A beach access has also been constructed at the east end of Seaview, with split-rail fencing on either side of the new path.

The Strathmere Improvement Association - Once again, thanks for your continuing support!

Butch Vandegrift - President
Ken Weaver - Vice-President
Donna Diefenderfer - Treasurer
Debbie Vandegrift - Secretary

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