Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SIA Newsletter 7 9 12 - Part 1 - Fourth of July Parade Results and Pictures

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

We had a great day for our "Centennial Fourth" parade! An early shower, a bit hot, but still a great day!
Check out our winners and parade pictures here. A second newletter contains award pictures.

Awards were presented as follows:

Division 100 - Motorized Floats
First Prize, “Happy Birthday - 100 Years of Sand" - Dietz Clan
Second Prize, “Sweet-ish Fish” - The Cunninghams
Honorable Mention
“Stars & Stripers; Osprey Platform" - The SFEC
Division 200 - Hand-Pulled Floats
First Prize, “Life Is Great in 08248" - Roland Family
Second Prize, “Red, White & Blue (Uncle Sam on Wheels)" - The McNallys

Division 300 - Walkers, Wagons & Strollers (Adults and Children)
First Prize, "Strathmere - A Whale of a Town" - The Furey and Pond Families
Second Prize, “Occupy Beach” - The Gregory and Franks Families
Honorable Mention
“Sweetest Place on Earth (Hershey Kisses)” – Pete Schwartz
“American Fisherman” - Brayden Cohen
“Happy Americana (4th of July)" - The Bacon Family
"Good As Gold (Olympics)" - Jennifer Walsh

Division 400 – Walkers and Wagons (Adults Only)
First Prize, “Queen Bees" - The "Over 50 Group"
Second Prize, "Snow White and Seven Dwarfs" - Karen Rogers

Division 500 – Bikes, Trikes and Scooters
First Prize, “Scooters of Independence" - Team Mangano
Second Prize, “Fourth of July” - Ferguson Kurilko
Honorable Mention
“Fourth of July" - Mick Hanes
“Fourth of July" - Siena and Johnny Schenk
“Fourth of July" - Erin Daley
“Friends Across America" - Rachel Bacon
"Red, White and Blue" - Kohles, Taggart, Gemerd Team
“Strathmere's Centennial Star" - Hannah Emmell

Division 600 - Participation prizes were awarded to thirteen classic and antique cars:
Jerry Bailey - 1949 Chevy half-ton pickup
Karen Mitchell - 1962 Black VW Beetle
Joe Belluci - 1970 Buick Electra Convertible
Joe Belluci - 1956 Buick Century
Susan Mills - 1975 Buick LeSabre
Jeff Hogg - 1970 VW Bus
Tommy Scranton - 2013 Shelby GT350
Tom Rock - 1952 M38A1 Military Jeep (Willys)
Jim Bonner - 1970 Bentley Corniche
Teri Weeks - 1965 Chevy Malibu SuperSport
Eric Jankowski - 1980 Jeep CJ-5 Golden Eagle
Kim Reese - 2010 Jeep
Mike Santori – 1982 Mercedes 380 SL


Here are our parade pictures. We're sorry if we missed you!
You can also view a video of the parade on the Strathmere Blog here.
Parade pictures mostly by Ken Weaver.

The parade started, as always, on Commonwealth at the blinker...

Watch for our second newsletter with pictures of the awards, the registration process, and many "Thank you's"!

Thanks to all for your continuing support!
Linda Bateman
Elaine Holsomback
Donna Diefenderfer
Dorothy Addario
Ken Weaver

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