Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SIA Newsletter 7 9 12 - Part 2 - Fourth of July Parade Awards, Etc.

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

We decided to split our newsletter about our "Centennial Fourth" into two parts, so hopefully all these pictures won't cause anyone's e-mail server to bomb out!

This second part of the newsletter will include pictures of the awards at the Deauville, the registration before the parade, and "Thank You's" to at least some of those who made the parade happen.
Most of these pictures were taken by Kate Weaver.
As usual, the parade ended at the Deauville Inn, for free hot dogs, cool drinks, and the presentation of awards.

There was a nice crowd there...

Terri Showers and Lew London provided great music...

Ken Weaver welcomed everyone, and Brian Furey presented the flag for the pledge...

Next, Upper Township Committeeman Jay Newman (with Antonio Inserra and Ed Barr) read a resolution commemorating Strathmere's Centennial.

Then it was time for former SIA President Butch Vandegrift to announce the award winners.

Watching the parade is great fun, but perhaps the best part of the day is watching the award-winners, and especially the children, receive their prizes...

Debbie closed the proceedings with a beautiful rendition of "God Bless America"...


Ken and Jessica Weaver did their fourth year as co-chairs and organizers of the parade.

They want to thank the Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company, Uncle Bill's, Horace Lorillier, and especially Lynda Brown, Gloria and their staff at the Deauville Inn.

They would also like to thank everyone who participated, who obviously spent so much time on their ideas and decorations - especially those Centennial themes!
In addition, they would like to thank all those who helped with registration, judging, children's giveaways and SIA sales.

 Kate Weaver and Sue Ernst directed people to the correct registration line. 

Mary Welker, Mary Ann Omrod and Judy Hollinger registered everyone in the parade.

Registration can get hectic...

Ellen and Bob Barker and Ruth Nickelsberg made sure that every child in the parade got a "giveaway".

We can't thank our judges enough - it's fun, but the decisions required may drive you to drink!

Here are Mary Schmelzer and Sophia Wisniewska...

and here are Pete and Susan Prinzen with their daughter Maxie.

Intrepid Judges Len & Joyce Wilson and finally Joan DiFiore and Karen Mitchell

Butch and Debbie held their annual "Fourth Soiree" and made sure the judges were properly prepared for their duties...

Linda Bateman, Sarah Boardman, Kay Higginbotham and Marion Ingram sold SIA Strathmere "Stuff" - Centennial shirts, bike raffle tickets, etc.

Please remember that the parade, including all of the giveaways and trophies, is financed by the SIA entirely from dues payments and the sale of items like tee shirts, bike raffle tickets, coolers, etc.
We sold lots of tee shirts and raffle tickets on the Fourth of July, so thanks to all who purchased!

Remember, our annual "dues" are just $10 per adult family member, and you can send them to SIA at PO Box 57 in Strathmere.

Thanks to all for your continuing support!
Linda Bateman
Elaine Holsomback
Donna Diefenderfer
Dorothy Addario
Ken Weaver

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