Sunday, October 26, 2008


Christina Stolfo ( ) - 10/25/08 09:18 pm
Last Updated - 10/25/08 10:32 pm

STRATHMERE--In Strathmere officials continued their efforts to protect the small coastal community, from damaging flood waters.

Just last weekend rough winds and high tides forced water to overflow the bulkheads, causing costly damage to the area's Northend.

And in anticipation of today's storms, crews unloaded more rocks, and residents set up a line of sandbags to help alleviate some of the water from overflowing on the streets.

High tide was just after 6 o'clock and at that point the temporary fix seemed to be working.

"It's getting better. We're hoping that the state will help, the township is working hard," says Strathmere resident, Sarah Boardman.

No major flooding was reported, however the town still plans to spend $300,000 to install rock-filled wire baskets, to help shore up the wall.

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