Monday, October 20, 2008

Strathmere flooding - Day 2

Another really high tide had water coming in from the bay, from the ocean and up from some storm drains. Other storm drains were blocked, so water couldn't get down them to drain the streets.

Bayview on the point -

Commonwealth & Seacliff -

On Seacliff looking towards Neptune -

Looking up Seaview to Neptune -

Welcome to Corson's Inlet State Park - or what's left of it. This used to be the path leading out to the point. The water is right up to that metal bulkhead. There is no beach left there at all. The point is gone.

Waves splashing over the metal bulkhead into a backyard.

The inlet looking across to Ocean City.

Looking north from the corner of Neptune and Seaview -

Looking towards the ocean from Neptune/Seaview. The township trucked in those stone yesterday. The waves are coming right up over them into the street.

Looking south down Neptune - Just one of several streets that you couldn't drive down during the high tide. The dunes are gone almost down to Winthrop.

Another look at the inlet from someone's backyard -

The water is deep and the waves are right up to the metal bulkhead. I know that I've already said that a few times, but you really can't believe just how bad it is.

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