Sunday, October 26, 2008

Strathmere photos 10/26/08

Here are some cellphone snaps that I took on Sunday 10/26.

Looking north on Neptune at Seacliff.

Walking north on Neptune

Looking from Seaview out to the ocean.

What's used to be the entrance to Corson's Inlet State Park -

Looking towards the bay -

Looking towards the ocean -


Anonymous said...

Dumping more and more sand @ this place is a waste of tax payers $$. Give the owners of the homes being threatened some cash and let nature do it's thing. You cannot defeat the power of nature forever. All you can do is waste millions trying at this particular location.

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Let me guess, you're from mainland Upper Township right? Because that's the typical ignorant attitude. Strathmere pays taxes too, more than you, so why shouldn't they receive services from those taxes?
The beaches in Strathmere are for everyone, shouldn't they be preserved, along with the state park?

There's one problem with your solution, if Strathmere is allowed to wash into the ocean - your taxes will go up to make-up for that lost tax revenue.