Sunday, July 11, 2010

Renewing wedding vows on the beach in Strathmere

"We just returned from our annual trip to the best Shore town on the Jersey coast. I wanted to share this photo and little story with the blog .
Attached is a photo of my wife ( Denise J. Yoho ) , myself ( Craig A. Yoho) and Rev. Bruce Phillips . As a surprise to my loving wife of only 8 years , I contacted Rev. Phillips ( Thanks to Brian Riordan ) on renewing our wedding vows on the beach in our favorite town , STRATHMERE, just after the 4th of July Parade on Sunday.

I fell in love with Strathmere at an early age , in the early 1980's my father took us to this quaint town on the New Jersey Shore. It was the first time my father and our family had ever seen the ocean, coming from a small West Virginia Coal Mine Town. I was awe struck at such a young age. Over the years as my family had visited, it became very dear to my heart. I longed for the next time that I would drive down Whale Beach and smell the sea air. As I grew older, missing several summers at the shore due to my military obligations, college, and then starting my career and family, I longed to return one day and share that special special place with my family.

I believe that my family now has the same feeling that I once did. That special place in their hearts for this magical town. I wanted to do something special for my wife on our anniversary that we both would remember.

I wanted to share my memories and this special event with all that feel the same as I / we do. Strathmere will forever hold a place in our hearts and minds as it has embedded its magic in all that have set foot there. I would like to thank all of those who maintain and uphold all of the tradition in this wonderful place. Special thanks to Rev. Bruce Phillips who was kind enough to help me with this special request, Thank you for taking time out of your holiday. Thank you Brian for getting me in contact. Again, Thank you to those who have a hand in the great town called Strathmere."
Craig A. Yoho

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