Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A lot of traffic heading into Ocean City

We just tried to get in to Ocean City at 34th street bridge. Tuckahoe rd into Roosevelt Boulevard and RT9 are back up several miles in each direction, plus more traffic is turning in from the Parkway which is also backed up.

This  plus the apparent added delay of checking IDs is making a very long wait. For each car length that we moved forward, 3-5 more cars jumped into the line ahead of us from the other roads. We sat through several light changes at Roosevelt and RT9 without moving at all.
After an hour we gave up, thinking that we'd have at least another 2 hours to get through. We'll head back early tomorrow morning, hopefully before the rush.

Also, a note from the Strathmere Improvement Association, their email provider only allows them to send two group messages a day. So please check back here,  or check their Facebook page for additional updates -!/pages/Strathmere-Improvement-Association-SIA/184810134906201

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