Monday, October 29, 2012

SIA Newsletter 10 29 2012 - Update on Sandy and Some Pictures

To All Strathmere and Whale Beach Homeowners and Visitors,

We had some unexplained problem with the email message sent yesterday morning – no one received it, and we don’t have a copy of it at our undisclosed evacuation site!
Below (beneath the pluses) is a draft of what we thought we sent. The final version had a few more pictures – of the rough water on the bay - which seem inconsequential compared to the rough water in the streets today. We’ll send it along since you may find a few things useful, like the noaa monitor site, which shows the really scary tide levels. We now have five feet of “residual” tide to deal with as the tide starts to rise.
We had also added the Ocean City website, which you may find useful.
There are still roughly 25 people in town, and we understand about a third of them are being evacuated around now by the National Guard. As of now, Strathmere still has power.
It appears that Sandy will make landfall sometime around 5:00 pm this evening, somewhere in Cape May County and then cross into the Delaware Bay, according to Channel 40 Dan Skeldon’s Facebook page.
Here are some pictures we pirated from Facebook:
From Greg Bennett – at this morning’s high tide:


From Brian Riordan – Bayview Drive at this afternoon’s low tide:

Best of luck to all and stay safe!
Draft of Sunday’s Newsletter:
We'll keep the information below that was in the Saturday morning newsletter and add just a few new things:
The mandatory evacuation order for the barrier islands was moved up to 4:00 pm today (Sunday).
Upper Township has added info on their website (upper right on their homepage) for Sandy and has promised to post return information there also.
They did a reverse 911 call today regarding the evacuation and preparation and promise to do another reverse 911 call when it is safe to return. If you haven't signed up for reverse 911, you can do it on their website (lower left of homepage). We don't know how long it takes to add you.
As you might expect, there will be no trash collection on Monday or Tuesday.
Here's a website you'll want to check out during the storm: 
Go to “East” and then down the left side to the number that corresponds to Atlantic City and click there. The blue plot is the predicted (normal) tide cycle and the red is the measured. The green is the difference, or "residual". As the storm pushes more water in and keeps it from getting back out, this residual keeps building up, leading to ever greater tides even without any kind of surge...
Here are a few pics of this morning's high tide, as a result of the NE winds, and the storm itself isn't even here yet...
Bayview Drive

The meadows...

It's looking more and more like the storm will go slightly to our north, allowing us to avoid the worst of the tidal flooding but we would still have severe flooding from rainwater and very high winds for an extended period. Please don't take this as a reason to ignore the evacuation order - the path could change in the very last hours. Better to be safe than sorry!

Thanks very much for your continuing support of the Strathmere Improvement Association!

Linda Bateman     
Elaine Holsomback      
Donna Diefenderfer       
Dorothy Addario                  
Ken Weaver


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