Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Official Updates from Ocean City and Sea Isle City

From Sea Isle City website -

Starting immediately, the City will allow Homeowners, Residents, and Business owners into town so they can inspect, repair, and clean-up their properties. We ask that all owners to inform the police department should they smell gas, see any electrical problems, or any other serious issue that would pose a threat to safety.

Access to the island is for the security of individual properties and businesses only. There is to be absolutely no sightseeing within Sea Isle City as police will be strictly enforcing the law with regards to this point. As of this message, the State of Emergency is still in effect as clean-up, road, and utility repairs are still ongoing throughout the barrier islands.

Thank you in advance to your cooperation and understanding of our position. It is in all our best interests that we follow these procedures and restore the town as quickly and safely as possible.


Please note that I am reading that the Landis/Ocean Drive above 29th street in Sea Isle is still closed for flooding and  clean-up. So you cannot get to Whale Beach or Strathmere from Sea Isle at this time (1PM 10/31) You can only get in from Ocean City by 34th street bridge or 9th street bridge only (Longport bridge is still closed)
Both bridges are currently backed up with traffic from people returning to Ocean City.

Please use caution, the roads are still dangerous. Some are blocked by debris, water and sand. There is damage to the road along the bay between the Rush Chattin fishing bridge at Corson Inlet and our Strathmere bridge.



From the Ocean City website -

IMPORTANT UPDATE Tues Oct 30 11:00am

Date:       October 31, 2012
Ocean City Storm Update: Wednesday, October 31 11:00am
At this time Ocean City is still officially in a State of Emergency
We understand that our residents, property owners and business owners are extremely anxious to check on the conditions of their property and the well-being of family, friends and neighbors.

Therefore, the City has decided to allow limited re-entry into the island at noon for our residents, business owners and property owners. The Route 52 Causeway (9th Street Bridge) and the 34th Street Bridge will be open for the limited access. The Longport Bridge is closed at this time. We ask that you show identification or documentation of property ownership upon entering the City.

We ask that the general public please refrain from travel into Ocean City to allow the City and property owners to continue their cleanup efforts.

Please note that travel on the island is still hazardous. Many roadways are still flooded or covered with hazardous debris. Anyone on the island is advised to be extremely cautious of downed wires. Do NOT touch or go near them.

The City is still without power in numerous areas. Crews are working in town however, the timeframe for restoring power is not known at this time.

Ocean City Schools will remain closed on Thursday.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this trying time as we continue to direct all resources toward creating a safe situation for our citizens to return to.
Halloween Trick-or-Treat for Wednesday has been postponed due to the likelihood that some neighborhoods will still require extensive clean up of debris. The rescheduled date will be announced when available.

Please restrict calls to our Communications Center to be of an emergency nature only.
Information regarding re-entry into Ocean City will be posted here (FaceBook and Twitter as well) as it becomes available.

Power Outages: Atlantic City Electric 1-800-833-7476 or ONLINE
(provides an interactive outage map)

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