Wednesday, October 31, 2012

email from Mayor Palumbo regarding north road into Strathmere

An email from Mayor Palumbo to the Strathmere Improvement Association regarding the road damage just north of the Strathmere bridge -
From: "Palombo, Richard"
Date: October 31, 2012 2:32:32 PM EDT
To: "Strathmere Improvement Association" <>
Subject: RE: SIA Newsletter 10 31 2012 - UPDATE - Strathmere Now Open to Residents With ID via Ocean City
I spoke with the State Troopers that are stationed along the Ocean Drive Causeway coming from Ocean city where there was a breach in the roadway.. They may only allow access into Strathmere from the Ocean City side during daylight hours. We hope that the County will provide a more permanent structure to warn motorists about the road damage.

Mayor Rich Palombo


Here is a photo of the damaged road. Again, this is north of our bridge and before the Rush Chattin fishing bridge on Corson's Inlet.  Please be very careful driving in this area, the road is caving in along one side.


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